There could be 50, or 53!

Blog written by: Gunner Johnson

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New thoughts are in mind!

For many years there has been 50 states. But many people have had different thoughts on how there can be new states. It will be a mystery if any of these state ideas will actually pass or become a real state.

Washington DC

We all know and love Washington DC. Its where the white house is! But, the thing is that some people think it should be a state! There are many reasons for these thoughts, and I have answers. Washington DC has a current population of 692,000 people. (June 15 2021.) This population would be more than the population of Wyoming and Vermont! The only bad thing for some people is that Washington DC right now is a city, not a state. Meaning that Washington DC is only 68 square miles. To compare, Rhode Island, the smallest state (currently) is 1,214 square miles. I guess we will have to find out if it will be a state!

Puerto Rico

I personally think that Puerto Rico has a good chance for many reasons. Puerto Rico has 3,141 square miles. Thats almost 3 times the size of Rhode Island! I also think that it has a good chance because of the population. Puerto Rico has 3.194 million people! Now that is a pretty good population. Another reason is that the United States have been protecting Puerto Rico since 1898. Puerto Ricans are also granted a free citizenship of the US. I don't know, if this became a state, I wouldn't be mad.


Guam can be good and bad to have in many different ways. I think that Guam could be a state because the U.S.A. is a big war country and Guam has some of the best weapons out there. Guam could also be bad because it only has 165,000 people an that could be too small to be is the U.S.

So will there be 53 states?

Well no one really knows, many are positive that there will be a 51st state but I guess we will just have to find out!